From Britain’s Bombay Bicycle Club, to Sweden’s The Knife, to Boston’s Goldbloc and Royale [the band], this week is chock full of promising concerts. To help you wade through sea of shows we picked a few – aside from the ones we just mentioned – that our staff is psyched to see:


The Milk Carton Kids at The Paradise – (Selected by Jon)

The Grammy-nominated indie folk duo, The Milk Carton Kids, will be playing to a sold out crowd at The Paradise. Their stripped down, touching music effortlessly soothes even the heaviest of hearts. There is unquestionable chemistry between singers and guitarists Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan, who exchange amusing dead-pan banter between songs.


BROODS at Great Scott – (Selected by Jonah)

Fresh off the January release of their debut EP, the New Zealand group will be storming into Great Scott to show off their modern synth pop with an hit of darkness. Their hit single, “Bridges,” went Gold in their home country and its slow-building hooks are making their way into the States. For fans of Lorde and pop music with an edge, this show is a can’t miss.


The Lighthouse and the Whaler at The Sinclair – (Selected by Knar)

The days of performing for 3-person crowds are long gone for Cleveland’s indie alternative act. They’ve made a name for themselves – one that became more widespread with the help of the likes of YouTube channel Majestic Casual. They’ll be an opener for Matt Pond PA, but one you won’t want to miss if you’re into energetic, alt-rock.


Kongos at The Sinclair – (Selected by Matt)

Rock band Kongos, which burst onto the indie radar with this year’s full-length Lunatic, will be playing the Sinclair in Cambridge on May 9. With a penchant for writing both bouncy, uptempo anthems and slower ballads, Kongos’ still small body of work is invariably catchy. Their use of unorthodox percussion (listen for the bongos) should make for a lively gig, and expect them to be moving to bigger venues in due time.


Mogwai at House of Blues – (Selected by Nitesh)

Scottish post-rock band Mogwai will be playing at House of Blues next Saturday! If you like Explosions in the Sky or Sigur Ros, this show is a must-see. This will be unlike most concerts. Mogwai has no frontman, minimal vocals, and a long, rewarding setlist. Relax, listen, and let the music send you into a deep, cathartic trance.

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