Eclectic violinist and singer-songwriter Josh Knowles creates music pulsing with electronic-infused beats and cathartic vocals that pay homage to classical music. They intertwine to create something ethereal and beautifully outlandish. From South Station to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, Knowles is inspired by the city around him and its history. His latest single, “How Deep The Dark,” is haunting and heartfelt, urging its listener to find perseverance, even when they may feel lost and uncertain about the future.

Knowles has wanted to pursue music since he can remember. “When I was four I saw this clip of somebody playing violin on Sesame Street, and I drove my parents crazy asking them to be able to take lessons,” he recalls. “A couple of weeks later I had a 1/8 size student violin.” Throughout his childhood and teenage years, playing shows was what made Knowles happiest. “It felt like the most natural way to express myself,” he says. He performed at youth orchestra concerts, local country clubs, and sometimes in a friend’s backyard. No matter what the eclectic setting or situation, Knowles felt that creating and performing music was what he was called to do.

“How Deep The Dark” is a poetic, enigmatic concoction of indie and contemporary classical music laced with thoughtful lyricism. The track opens with an a capella intro, Knowles’ raw vocals drenched in fervor. Hints of electronic instrumentation bring in a more crisp-sounding tone, where Knowles poses a question to his listener, “How many stones / Must I turn to sand… Before I feel / Your hand in my hand, love?” They’re the only lyrics in the song, but they’re ardent enough that Knowles doesn’t need more. It’s simple, it’s concise, and it’s spellbinding. He explores reaching a goal through an uncertain, dark time, with a soothing and impressive range of emotion that is tangible in his vocals.

The track came to Knowles as he was performing at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. “It was an improvisation in the courtyard,” he recalls. “I’m pretty sure Isabella Gardener haunts that courtyard, in a good way. I’ve performed there a bunch of times, and have always felt a strong presence in that space. The day I first improvised that song at the museum, the lyrics just spilled out of me like they were someone else’s.” Museums and historical figures aren’t the only things that inspire Knowles—he loves being inspired by as many diverse styles as possible. He attributes classical, base, and hardcore musicians as his influences, such as Jóhann Jóhannsson, Bassnectar, and The Chariot.

Looking to the future, Knowles admits it’s hard to say where he’ll go. “My priorities are to heal and bridge gaps,” he says. “I play a lot of different styles of music, and I love them all. I think there’s a huge possibility in this day and age to bring different musical traditions together in unique ways, and bring different communities of people together in the process.”

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