“Honeysuckle’s music is like a sun-soaked raven on a telephone wire. It combines both light and dark subject matter in a somewhat lonely but unapologetic and passionate way,” said Holly McGarry, lead singer of local folk trio Honeysuckle.

Indeed, their latest single encompasses just that. “Canary” describes a dark setting, a coal mine and the deaths of the workers, the “cold red faces dressed in black,” but there’s still comfort that peeks through – a light at the end of the tunnel, if you’ll excuse the pun. McGarry’s clear voice tells the tale of the miners, but bandmates Benjamin Burns and Chris “Gooch” Bloniarz join in for harmonies for a more uplifting reprise: “Here in the dark no need to be scared / ‘cause I will be your guiding hand.”

It’s more than just the lyrics that offer a glimmer of hope: the song ends with a crescendo of strumming. Even still, there’s a purpose and drive behind it; the build creates a tension that makes it feel as if the story still isn’t quite resolved. Much like the canaries that were once brought to the dangerous depths to alert miners of deadly gas build-ups, “Canary” sings, but there’s still an underlying discomfort, the risk of an impeding doom. 

Honeysuckle’s upcoming full-length, self-titled album will be released on March 24th, made possible thanks to Club Passim’s Iguana Music Grant, awarded to Honeysuckle in 2015.

“The 2015 Iguana Music Grant that we received allowed us to involve some of our incredibly talented friends in making the album. We were lucky enough to have our good friend, and amazing producer/engineer, Benny Grotto mix the record, and the super talented Jeff Lipton master it. It really took the album to the next level,” explained McGarry.

Club Passim is known for providing an intimate setting for folk fans, and McGarry says it holds a special place Honeysuckle, a sentiment we know to be shared by many local bands. “The crowds who come to shows there are always very passionate about music and really listen which is important to me as well. Especially for acoustic bands it can be difficult sometimes to find rooms and crowds who are willing to listen and give the music a chance,” she said.

Catch Honeysuckle at Club Passim on March 24th for their album release show– tickets can be found here.

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