Logic put forth an impressive display of musical talent in front of devout fans while spreading messages rooted in love of self.

8/9/17 – Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Music fueled by unity is more important now than ever during times of political unrest and racial prejudice. The premise of Logic and Joey Bada$$’s “Everybody” tour focuses on peace, love and positivity, a mantra commanding a calm, yet electric atmosphere on a beautiful summer night at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. Helmed by two flourishing artists who are tuned into the desires of their devoted fans (many believe Logic’s fan-base is the strongest in the genre), “Everybody” embodies its name by putting sense of self and personal happiness at the forefront of a diverse hip-hop experience.

The night kicked off with opener Big Lenbo (Logic’s fan-favorite right hand man) building up the energy of the young, impassioned crowd with his larger-than-life personality. Previous Logic collaborator and Boston native Just Juice came out for a few songs, adding an extra boost of authenticity and hometown hospitality to Big Lenbo’s set.

NYC native Joey Bada$$ then took to the stage draped in a custom-made, bandana-style American flag, an intricate piece which has played a strong visual role in the promotion of his latest album All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$. Despite a friendly, easy-going demeanor on stage, Joey’s assertive mic presence ensured the social significance of his catalog resonated with the audience. By the time Joey played his most successful single to date “Devastated”, the entire venue sang along to its infectious chorus, signifying the rise of a once underground darling earning well-deserved mainstream embrace.

Logic’s name may not command the respect of hip-hop elite such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He still tends to face scrutiny for making his influences too obvious or being too forceful in pushing trials and tribulations such as his mixed race background. These criticisms lose much of their merit after witnessing Logic speak to his fans from the heart about overcoming obstacles and being comfortable in their own skin

As the main attraction of the evening, Logic came out to thundering applause. With the continuously changing background screens setting the mood for each record, Logic and his talented band ran through a variety of records off his latest album Everybody as well as some standouts off previous projects. Whether uplifting in tone such as “Hallejulah” and “Everybody”, or more aggressive in nature like “Young Jesus” (which featured the return of opener Big Lenbo) and “Gang Related”, people of all ages put forth commendable effort in matching every word Logic fired off with his impressive, tongue-twisting delivery.

However, music played only one role during the festive performance. Logic’s entertaining gestures included playful bantering with bandmates between songs, singing happy birthday to people in the audience, bringing up ecstatic teenagers to engage in rap battles, and playing a live game of Mario Kart on stage. These amusing moments broadened the appeal of the show and emotions ranging from laughs to nearly tears of joy exemplified the special connection Logic has with his devout supporters. His performance of buzzing single “1-800-273-8255” (the National Suicide Prevention phone number) fit perfectly toward the end of his set and thrived as a crowd-moving dedication to spreading peace, love and positivity in the most genuine way possible.

Logic can rap with the best of them, but it’s the humane qualities such as spreading joy and taking the opportunity to directly instill confidence in others which truly make him stand out from the pack as a live performer.

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