Album Review: Night Lights – Here We Come

At a time where music made with mechanized efficiency seems to dominate, Night Lights debut EP stands in stark contrast. Rather than a formulaic blend of bouncy beats and party anthems, Here We Come is well-crafted and embodies the essence of late-night conversations and long drives pondering existence.

The Boston-based band features members from Mexico, Texas, Japan, Norway and California, and their eclectic indie pop/rock sound is just as intriguing as their background. The nostalgic EP features heart-throbbing guitars and the smooth, crooning vocals of lead singer Mau Jiminez that are not only easy on the ears, but don’t shy away from deeper topics.

Their signature seems to be quirky tempo changes and poetic lyrics, with an overall chill indie/rock vibe. “Hit the Water” starts off the EP with sway-worthy guitars and an energetic, catchy chorus that will resonate with anyone who’s ever been leery of leaving their comfort zone. “I fight to stay the same…who needs change?” ;the song is a conversation in itself, fighting between apathy and the desire to lose one’s fear and “Hit the water”.

The rest of the EP is full of reminiscences and self-reflection. “Make Me Smile” provides an intimate glimpse into a happy relationship while “Here We Come” is upbeat and full of aspirations for success while maintaining originality. “Stutter” examines inner self-doubt by painting an ethereal soundscape for the listener with bee-bopping percussion and cascading guitars.

The songs glide easily from one to the other, but are very similar sounding and seem to blend together. It’s an elegantly cohesive EP, but if you’re looking for more up-tempo variety, save this for a chiller evening and give the lyrics and complex instrumentals the attention they deserve.

Album Review: Night Lights - Here We Come
  • Thought-provoking lyrics
  • Subtly layered instrumentals are universally enjoyable
  • Songs all have the same slow-jam sound
  • Focus is required to fully appreciate complexities
7.3Overall Score
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