Art comes in different forms. It’s heard in performances and scrutinized on stage. It’s expressed through costume design and dance. But most importantly, it engages all senses. All Together Now, a new three-part multimedia series, will do just that on April 23 at the Lilypad in Cambridge.

Anna Rae, the show’s curator and member of participating music act, Hemway, states: “I adore music, but there are so many exciting works being created across mediums, and I wanted to curate a variety show where those works could meet.” With All Together Now, Rae combines talent from Boston and New York City into one jam-packed show featuring music, experimental film, comedy, drag, and performance art. Boston’s own indie outfit, The Grownup Noise, will be on the bill as well as singer-songwriter Jenee Halstead. Rae invited several acts from diverse backgrounds, such as those who identify as LGBT, women, or POC. 

For her, it’s a chance to enrich Boston’s social dialogue while celebrating artists. For the audience, it’s a rare opportunity to absorb multiple art styles through one fluid show.

All Together Now breaks the typical art show mold, and presents itself as a concert instead, with acts appearing one after the other for smooth transitions. Jeremy Stamas, who will contribute experimental film to the event says, “I’m showing something that wouldn’t be possible to screen at a film festival or an art gallery, but should perfectly as an interlude between musical acts and other performances.” 

Fellow acts are excited to share their unique brands of creativity. Crichton Atkinson, NYC-based performance and video artist, thinks it will keep the audience refreshed. “Listening to music will be next to watching an experimental film, which will be next to a more physically engaged form of watching video art with live performance,” she says. “You are going to be tuning in with many of your senses, each one taking a dominant role at different points in the night.”

Tickets for All Together Now are available here or at the door for $10. If you’d like to know more about the event, visit the Facebook page or follow All Together Now on Twitter.

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