From drum ‘n’ bass to chillwave, these five tracks by local artists feature smooth beats, vocals, and melodies that’ll get you relaxed in no time.

1. HiFidality – “Say Love”

Much like a chef who knows how to use every ingredient to create a culinary masterpiece, producer HiFidality knows how to blend different sounds and genres to create four minutes of aural magic. His beautiful chill-out track “Say Love” combines elements of jazz, trip-hop, and trap, along with thumping 808s, crisp snares, and rolling harp riffs. Keep an eye on this guy; his production is top-notch.

2. Anjelihs – “Youniverse”

The most accurate way to describe Anjelihs’s “Youniverse”? Pure art. The minimalist production allows the vocals to stand out in all their ethereal wonder, and popping arpeggiated twinkles give a feel of playing amongst the stars of the universe. This one’s a gem.

3. YDIMITU – “Playboy”

“Playboy” by YDIMITU is one of those songs that you can listen to in any kind of mood, happy or sad. A simple drum beat and thick piano chords set the foundation of the song, while reverb-y vocals ride the crest. The hihat cymbal on the offbeat in between the percussion also creates a head-bob effect, making it a perfect song to relax to.

4. Tinashe – “2 On” (Robokid Version)

This hybrid drum ‘n’ bass-trap flip is a beautiful example of how fast-paced tracks can be chill all the same. The rolling bassline that complements the song’s chord progression gives the record an emotionality, which, when combined with the chopped lo-fi vocals, creates the ideal soundtrack to a windows-down car ride.

5. AERS – “Blue Tempest”

Never be a prisoner of your own style. Any genre and song can evoke emotion and soothe the soul — which is why “Blue Tempest” by Berklee alum AERS made it on this list. A mainly acoustic track featuring guitar plucking and soft vocals, “Blue Tempest” is dark and melancholic. It sends the listener on a flowing journey without the use of percussion and drums, proving that non-electronic tracks can be just as smooth.

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