Dear Readers,

I’d like to address an issue that recently arose when fellow music blog Vanyaland announced their new look, which now happens to share the same site design as our own Sound of Boston.

We’ve heard firsthand about the supportive community that is the Boston music scene, and we are disheartened that a competing music site has chosen to replicate our site design. We believe that Vanyaland’s decision to share our layout does not represent the friendly, inclusive values that the Boston music scene holds dear. When founding Sound of Boston last year, Jonah and I put in many hours of research before finally putting together the site you see today. Each section of the site has been designed to meet our goal of presenting our readers with approachable content. After all, to neglect the power of design is a big mistake. 

We understand that sites must evolve with the times and changing circumstances but we hope that Vanyaland will reconsider their new site design in the interest of differentiation. We wish nothing but the best for Vanyaland, and believe that our friendly coexistence will help vitalize the Boston music community in ways that wouldn’t be possible before.  

We’d also like to take a moment to thank you, Sound of Boston readers, and the local acts who have graciously set aside time to connect with us. We will continue to produce great content and create new ways of strengthening the link between Boston’s music fans and artists – after all, it is our aim to be the leader of all things music in Boston and, as Vanyaland recently put it, innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.


— Knar Bedian

Managing Editor, Sound of Boston

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