At 25 years old, Bay Area native IamSu! (Sudan Williams) has already collaborated with rappers like 50 Cent, Too $hort, E-40, and Wiz Khalifa. Following up his 2014 release of full-length debut album Sincerely Yours, IamSu! is touring the U.S. to support his recently released EP, Eyes On Me, which Billboard premiered on February 23. Eyes On Me is a tight little package—seven songs—featuring production from IamSu! as well as a few synthy-smooth beats courtesy of DJ Mustard. (DJ Ketchup declined to comment.)

With an upcoming Brighton Music Hall performance on April 23, we decided to ask founding HBK Gang member the important questions.

Why the exclamation point?

The exclamation point is in my name because I’m a laid back person but my music has a lot of energy. It represents my inner turn up.

You’ve said your latest mixtape Eyes On Me represents self-confidence. Where do you get your confidence?

I get my self confidence from my talent, being myself, and consistent progress.

Which rapper today has the most confidence? You’re not allowed to say IamSu!

I would say Childish Gambino. His whole personality is the opposite of what you expect of a “rapper,” and I think that’s dope. He breaks a lot of rules with his art.

You go by “IamSu!” Childish Gambino goes by “i am donald.” Is this a new trend in rap like “Young ___” or “J-___” was?

Yeah, it’s a trend that I definitely started. People look at it weird at first. But to say “I am” something is the most powerful thing you could do. My bro Slim Gravy put me on game about that. So I think it’s good for rap that more people are saying who they are.

Rappers are the poets of our generation. According to the Global Language Monitor, there is a new word created in the English language every 98 minutes. Can you create and define a word for us? Aesop Rock created “Shadle” for us, “a bra for dogs.” Beat that.

Putonslashcurve (verb): to introduce one of your friends to somebody who is talking your ear off.

How would you describe your music without using genre names?

Melodic, spacey, intelligent, slap.

When you think of music in Boston, who or what do you think of?

I think of Bobby Brown.

Who are some artists you’ve never collaborated with but would like to some day?

Pharrell, Metro Boomin, Bon Iver, Esta, Carmack, and Beyonce.

Tell us a secret.

I never had lasagna before.

Catch IamSu! perform live Thursday, April 23 at Brighton Music Hall with Rome Fortune, Chris Miles, Mani Draper, Dave Steezy (HBK Gang member).

All Ages //  $15.00 Advanced  //  Doors 6pm

Buy tickets here.

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