Cashmere Cat brought an intoxicating atmosphere to Royale Boston, proving why he is one of pop’s most exciting sound shifters.

Producers and DJs who curate unforgettable sets, resonating with fans long after the encore song, have changed the landscape of live music. Cashmere Cat, a young Norwegian sensation whose experimental production style has infiltrated multiple genres, brought fans into his distinct sonic realm last week when he hit Royale Boston. With his debut album 9 being released on April 28th, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for those in attendance.

While Cashmere Cat’s popularity has skyrocketed recently due to collaborations with some of the most star-studded names in pop/hip-hop/electronic music (Ariana Grande and Kanye West to name a few), his dedicated fan-base has been solidified ever since his Mirror Maru and Wedding Bells EP’s. After opener Nina Las Vegas set the tone for the night by playing a vibrant collection of top 40 records, the expansive crowd for Cashmere Cat officially took form, with one girl adorned in all cat attire representing an impassioned connection between the artist and his enthusiastic audience.

Kicking off his set with the Weeknd-featured, synth-based gem “Wild Love,” Cashmere Cat expertly navigated his diverse catalog for over 90 minutes and entranced fans with mood-setting selections. Clean transitions, intense lighting, and an aggressive, yet lighthearted approach to providing signature electronic bass drops all played instrumental roles in creating an energetic, intoxicating atmosphere for the youthful crowd. By playing fan-favorites from his early work such as “Kiss Kiss” as well as singles off his newly released album like “Trust Nobody” (ft. Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez), Cashmere Cat showcased the evolution in his genre-bending soundscape while moving at a pace fast enough to keep the party rolling.

As the night moved along, Cashmere Cat decided to veer off his personal discography to play some of hip-hop’s trendiest records, which included everything from Drake’s More Life smash “Fake Love” to Lil Uzi Vert’s SoundCloud anthem “XO Tour Llif3.” The quick-fire selection of club-ready hits ignited the crowd, but one of the more special moments of the night occurred when Cashmere Cat went back into his bag of production and played Kanye West’s “Wolves” off The Life of Pablo. While Cashmere Cat didn’t speak once throughout the night and portrayed an aura of mystery, he stood out in front of his supporters with arms wide open and a sense of appreciation on his face during “Wolves,” fully knowing how important of a record it has been in sparking his career.

After Cashmere Cat wrapped things up with Usher’s R&B classic “My Boo” (ft. Alicia Keys), people smiled as they walked down the Royale steps to catch their Ubers. Generous with his time and dynamic in musicality, Cashmere Cat gave vibrancy to the Royale dance floor and proved why he is climbing up the ranks as one of pop’s most exciting sound shifters.

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