07/09/14 – Great Scott 

By the time Grizfolk graced the stage at Great Scott, drinks were warming, patience was waning, and many were dreaming longingly of Netflix and bed. Not just any band can pack a venue on a dreary Wednesday night, but Grizfolk made sure it felt just like a Friday.

Bounding on stage with smiles and bubbling energy, they launched into their set without further ado. “Waiting for You” burst through the sluggish and sweaty humidity of the crowd with foot-tapping rhythms and a catchy sing-along chorus: “We’re all just searching for something new / But I’m still waiting, waiting for you.” This was a crowd who knew and loved the band they had trekked out to see, and the audience belted out each song off their EP – From the Spark – with a fierce energy, heedless of age or singing ability.

As Grizfolk danced through their set, their popular single “The Struggle” infused some much-needed California sunshine and vibes into the stuffy room. The LA-based band then transitioned with barely a pause into a Kendrick Lamar cover that throbbed with heavy bass.

The sole flaw of the night was its transience. The announcement of their final song was met with an audible groan. “Hymnals” finished off the show with a frantic, percussive sound that drove the room into a frenzied dance. “When you listen to your soul do you feel me?
 Do you hear me in your heart?”  With a show exuding that much passion, how could we not?

Infused With Sunshine: Grizfolk
  • High energy from band and crowd
  • Upbeat and danceable songs
  • Poetic and catchy lyrics
  • Venue didn't do them justice
  • Most of the set was new and unfamiliar
8.9Overall Score

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