Groupmuse, the beloved Boston-startup that connects music lovers directly with musicians, classical musicians with a place to play and people to play for recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and they need your help!

Groupmuse is looking to bank $100,000 dollars to help fund next year’s service in its current markets of Boston, NYC and San Francisco as well as to expand to Seattle. As of the writing of this article they have already raised $87,117 with 21 days to spare. If they raise additional money it will go towards starting new chapters in DC and Chicago.

We covered Groupmuse a little over a year ago and since then it’s continued to provide a wonderful service to music lovers and players while growing at a breakneck pace. What they’ve done with pure drive and passion is staggering. On their Kickstarter they note that, “with almost no funding and a staff of six [Groupmuse] has created over 1,000 house concerts worldwide and raised more than $300,000 for young musicians.”

Taken from the Groupmuse Kickstarter page

Taken from the Groupmuse Kickstarter page

As lovers of all things music and Boston related, we urge you to give something to Groupmuse if you can or at least spread the word on social if you can’t.

Best of luck to the Groupmuse team from the Sound of Boston team.  

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