Tucked around the corner of Brattle Street in Harvard Square is an illuminated orange lion, roaring to be heard.

Step into the audio specialty shop known as Sound Lion, and you’ll be greeted by rows of headphones, a lanky sales associate bursting with technical knowledge, audio terms you never knew existed, and perhaps Evan himself—the store’s district manager known for his bear hugs and broad smile.

The space is a refreshing reminder of all that the in-store experience has to offer when it comes to buying (or browsing) audio equipment. Scrambled Amazon reviews that spit out praise—or complaints—just aren’t the same as actually getting a feel for the things that’ll be stuck onto your head all day. Not to mention the fact that you can preview what the audio will actually sound like (*gasp*).

The folks at Sound Lion are keen to support the local music scene, which is why we have the opportunity to announce that this February, we have chosen local folk act Grey Season as our “Artist of the Month” at Sound Lion. As a member of Boston Scene Party, we have partnered up with Sound Lion, along with the five other members of the organization, to put a local band into the spotlight for each month of 2015. Grey Season’s music will be featured throughout the Cambridge store, and what’s more, Grey Season’s album, Time Will Tell You Well, will be your ticket to getting 10% off your purchase. If there was ever a time to upgrade from dinky white iPhone headphones, it’s now; you’ll be able to support both a local business and one of Boston’s great folk-rock bands!

On Friday, February 20th at 8:30 pm, Sound of Boston will present a free, live performance by Grey Season at the Sound Lion shop in Harvard Square. Come hear why we chose this local act as one of our “Artists to Watch in 2015,” grab a copy of the record our staff deemed “Album of the Year,” and let this twangy local act bring gritty folk-rock beauty to your ears. More show details here.

You can learn more about the partnership between Sound Lion and Boston Scene Party here.

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