Months after hearing them play their newest set of poppy electronic tunes live at local Boston venues, Miss Geo finally released this set of songs as their self-titled EP. This 5-track record (with a bonus secret track floating around) is just what you would expect after hearing the hits off of Miss Geo’s first EP. With vibes similar to music made by Neon Indian, the EP is well-suited for soundtracking late summer adventures.

Vocalist Abby, although sometimes off-pitch in a charming indie band way, has a singing voice that is breezy and soft. Her lyrics are catchy and don’t weigh you down with heavily emotional thoughts. Keyboardist Paz creates an elaborate composition of spunky and crisp electronic sounds. Each individual note seems to jump from fuzzy to crunchy to robotic faster than you can catch it. Although the sounds of her keyboarding aren’t particularly distinguishable from those of other electronic musicians, Paz weaves together varying tones.

“After School” is the standout track, mostly because of its unexpected darkness, and the one that shows the most change from the duo’s last release. Although it opens with a whimsical keyboard solo and a gentle drum beat, this airiness yields to a rhythmic deep bass that is more suited for a club banger than a pop duo’s retro dance tunes — a step in a new direction for Miss Geo.

Noting their growth from their first EP to the second, Miss Geo has clearly shown improvement in terms of complexity. Each track feels like it has more layers of beats than the last, with each beat offering a different sound. Electronic music has the capacity to sound many different ways, and Miss Geo is only getting started with making these new discoveries. It is exciting to see what the sounds of Miss Geo will evolve into next.

Album Review: Miss Geo - EP
  • Subtle yet noticeable variations in mood
  • Catchy lyrics
  • Shows growth
  • Not completely distinguishable from other electronic music
7.1Overall Score

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