Over blue-toned beats, rapper Jimmy Lax runs a reel of distressing memories that he then shape-shifts into tiny vessels of enlightenment on his debut EP. 

Rapper Jimmy Lax debuted a lucid and narrative-driven EP, Clear Vision, in November 2018. Lax has a knack for storytelling, and followed his impulse to connect with listeners by sharing the adversities he faced during his pursuit of happiness through to his first solo project. In this EP, Lax sheds a harsh light on the darker corners of his story, but the self-sufficient rapper’s poised presence and ability to transform struggle into wisdom assures that he will be okay. It’s all just a part of his process.

Robust and assertive, his vocals command attention as soon as they are heard on the first track, reaching depths only artists like Tyler, The Creator and Mick Jenkins have reached. “Witnessed a lot” Lax states on introductory track, “Moon,” where he initiates his reflective story over a doleful, gray-hued beat. Though Lax can’t seem to shake some of his past mistakes, he’s still able to “levitate and keep them demons out [his] fuckin’ way.” His verses tower with meaning and resonate with the listener; encouraging listeners to not only bob along with the beat, but join him in his introspective journey.

On follow-up track, “Stuck,” a blue-toned beat seeps in as Lax utters, “Can’t show no mercy / especially for the ones who was tryna’ hurt me.” Lax introduces his deep-rooted distrust for those who attempt to infiltrate his circle as feelings of entrapment begin to resurface; he raps, “still stuck in my old ways / I’ll probably never change / makin’ moves, gotta maintain.” He addresses a sense of paranoia – one that haunts and rattles to the core – as feelings of immobility and distrust flood in, but he persists on as he echos, “just pray for me.”

Look At Me” then follows and he begins to take on a new vision; fortitude and resilience guide the once disheveled rapper. With conviction he raps, “they doubted, they doubted / hit up Tsunamii to send me a banger / now watch how I rip this shit,” over a bold, brisk beat. This display of confidence reinvigorates the EP that stood as stark and melancholy only moments before. On “Lost File,” Lax preserves this refreshing energy; “I got rid of my fears / now my visions lookin’ so clear.” It seems Lax has been revitalized by his ability to subdue the impact of adversity.

Lax is no longer taking shelter behind pensive, wistful beats or dwelling on the wounds he’s endured. Resilience now stands where defeat once ruled. In many ways, this project feels like a source of release for Lax as much as a source of solace for his listeners. By the end of this EP, Lax celebrates over a velvety ballad on ending track, “Vision,” as he declares, “I can see the clear vision.”

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