11/11/14 – T.T. the Bear’s Place

Distorted instrumentals and opera singers are seldom heard together. Which is why it’s all the more notable when they are.

If you listen to Matthew Connor‘s latest album, a cinematic masterpiece, you’ll hear a clean, well-produced mix of instrumentals that accompany his voice. It’s no surprise he composes soundtracks for films. But if you watch him live on a wind-chilled Tuesday night at T.T. The Bears, or see his newest music video, you’ll see a different side.

Midnight Blue,” which he premiered at the show, is an eerie, immersive experience. It feels like walking into the haunted house of an opera singer cast away from the choir for being just a bit too daring and subversive.

T.T. The Bears isn’t quite the haunted house in which I would have liked to see Connor perform. If you don’t know it, it’s a cozy, intimate venue with a bar the size of the stage. It was one of the few under 21+ shows the crooner has played. Dressed in a stylish, burgundy blazer, misshaped by his guitar strap and complemented with his disheveled hair, Connor looked sharp and professional, but loose.

“Hey guys, just tuning my guitar,” he said sheepishly. “Anyone have nightmares? I have a lot of nightmares, don’t have a story about it, I just have a lot,” he mumbled just before playing.

His music followed his style of dress — his sultry, smooth voice contrasted the distorted instrumentals. He played professionally, but felt accessible. Just as he responds to almost every YouTube comment on his award-nominated video, he made sure to respond to every quip made by an audience member.

The only problem with the show was that it was only 40 minutes. It would be great to see Connor play a much longer set. He certainly has enough songs to pull it off.

If you haven’t already, turn the lights off, crank up the volume, and check out his latest music video here.

A Night With Matthew Connor: The Midnight Blue Premiere
  • Matthew Connor's voice
  • Unique sound
  • Incredible music video
  • Too short
  • Not many people came
9.8Overall Score

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