The Boston DIY scene has spawned a number of prodigal children over the years. One such prodigal band is Twen, and they recently made the long trip home. Twen was born out of the ashes left behind following the dissolution of house venues like Track Shack and The Womb, and the breakup of bands Grey Season, Skinny Pigeons and Quarrels. After a fruitful spell on the Boston circuit, Twen upped sticks and made the journey south to Nashville. Occasionally, tour takes Twen back home, and on Saturday, they returned to the basement scene that birthed them, playing a packed show at Trixie’s Palace.

Below the streets of Brighton, show-goers stood shoulder to shoulder amidst a haze of dust and crumbling drywall. Twen played a hard hitting, dirt-laden, impeccably harmonized brand of psychedelia with the tour-forged tightness that only comes from playing shows night after night after night. Twen’s guitars screeched and their effected vocals warbled. The drums shimmered and swung, and the bass thumped and rumbled. All the while the crowd stood transfixed. Carinae delivered a lush, swirling (and surprisingly danceable) set full of visceral, driving energy. Edge Petal Burn played hard, fast, and powerfully punk, with their recently concussed singer wearing a borrowed bicycle helmet to ensure she could rock safely.

Saturday night at Trixie’s Palace proved to be a red-letter evening for Boston DIY. Old friends were reunited, no one injured themselves in the pit, and rock of the highest quality was delivered to all those willing to donate five to seven dollars to the touring bands.

02/16/2019 – Trixie’s Palace

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