The Cloud Club floats above the South End back streets, a secluded mecca for Boston DIY arts stretching back to the late 1960’s. Shows there are infrequent, but are always ethereal, other worldly affairs—affairs in which pajama-clad show-goers sprawl over velvet pillows, while serenely dark music wafts through the air.

Their most recent show featured adventurous ambient and noise music from Gleb Kanasevich, Victoria Cheah, and Guillermo Pizarro. Kanasevich blurred the lines between audience and performer as he hung microphones from the rafters, which regurgitated every cough and rustle of sleeves in the room in distant reverb. The howl of his bass clarinet, distorted beyond recognition cut sharp through the air and sent rumbles through the floor. Cheah and Pizarro played sublime, subtle sets, as they carefully manipulated esoteric samples to craft sparse journeys through melancholic soundscapes.

Time and time again, the Cloud Club has proved itself to be a sanctuary for all the weird and wonderful that resides in and passes through Boston. As the cold wind buffeted the leaking glass roof and the audience huddled for warmth with their attention rapt to the minutiae of the performers’ movements, this show carried that mantle well.

02/02/2019 – Cloud Club

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