Each year, our staff comes together to highlight our favorite albums released by local artists. 2017 felt like a big year for Twitter: Be it words shared by our courageous sisters, daughters, and mothers that earned Time magazine’s Person of the Year cover, or our President’s grammatically-challenged announcements, it was impossible to avoid reading (or at least hearing about) tweets. So, we felt it was only appropriate that our albums of the year list was conveyed in the language of 2017: tweets.

Here are our staff favorites, in no particular order:

Glory the Night by Atlas Lab


November 3 by Oompa

Retrofit by The Max Tribe


Shep by Yohannes


WNDR by Kyle Thornton & Co


Bat House by Bat House


Ed Buys Houses by Sidney Gish


Catacombs by Honeysuckle


Salt by Ben Cosgrove


Torch Song by STL GLD

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