As we look back on 2020, end of year wrap-ups give us a chance to take stock of what music we might have missed out on, and how others received our own favorites. And last year we had some truly incredible music to revisit for our end of year staff picks. Despite all the obstacles brought about by 2020, the Boston music scene still produced some truly incredible music. Vets like Cliff Notez and Oompa continued to amaze us with killer beats and tight bars, while longtime favorite Anjimile broke through to a national audience with their unique brand of confessional songwriting. On the other end of the spectrum, newcomers like Honey Cutt and Slow Dress gave us alt pop/rock music with killer hooks, and a glimpse at what the future Boston music scene sounds like.

Here’s the music that kept the Sound of Boston staff company during 2020 — our favorite local songs of the year.

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