After one listen to Roxbury’s Jeff Replay, it is easy to think that he is from the South. His laid-back, cocky rhymes, and large choruses sounds straight out of Atlanta, but he is a loyal Bostonian. His local crew, Pilot Nation, which also includes Stizzy and Nick Gray has been featured on XXL, and has shown off their swagger to Boston for years. Last year, they finally dropped their first record, Expensive Heat, and it is filled with glittery beats, catchy refrains, and a whole lot of ego-boosting. While the album isn’t a very cohesive body of work, there are quite a few standout tracks that would seem right at home in some of Boston’s best rap clubs. On “The Comeup,” the trio discusses their skyward trajectory behind a relaxing soulful beat that brings to mind Seattle duo Brothers From Another. However, things don’t always stay this chill; on “GTFU” they exude a mix between Wacka Flocka Flame and Kansas City’s Strange Music label.

Luckily, the lyrical skill, and pure fun energy that emanates from the music prevents it from being pure, over the top braggadocio. On his most recent track, “Either Way,” Replay talks about the streets, the girls chasing after him, and how fly his crew is, but keeps the vibe relaxed, as if despite the uphill climb ahead, he’s got it made either way. Also, did I mention that this kid is 19 years old? He’s got plenty of time to grow. At his young age, with a solid crew behind him, and a city that is ready to be conquered, he could really be going places. Keep an ear out.

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