It’s hard enough being a female rapper. They have always gotten a bad rap (no pun intended) and even though select women have made a career out of hip-hop, there is no doubt that they are discriminated against in the culture. In case that wasn’t enough, the Boston rap scene has proven difficult to break out of. Despite the large setbacks, Dutch ReBelle appears to be on the right track. The R&B influenced MC has a fierce poetic voice that speaks of love, social issues, and the setbacks she faces on a daily basis.

So far, she has already risen to the top of the local scene, grabbing some killer opening slots for DJ Premier, Statik Selektah, and Pusha T (even though he cancelled). Her first album, Married To The Music, garnered her initial attention in Boston, but after not getting much traction, she thought about moving to Atlanta. After attending college at Penn State, she decided that she needed to give her city the chance it deserved. Luckily, praise for her new work has picked up steam as she preps for the release of her upcoming project The ReBelle Diaries.

There are plenty of things holding her back from success, but if anybody is set to take them on, it’s Dutch.

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