You’ve seen them around: sunflower yellow trucks with giant illustrated chickens printed in black. Or perhaps, it’s the smell that’s more familiar to you: a waft of garlic sauce or the scent of sizzling chicken.

Chicken and Rice Guys are one of Boston’s food truck success stories, and today we’re proud to announce our partnership with them to bring local music to their Medford brick and mortar.

Whether you’re looking for pop-powered lunches or a funk-filled late dinner, you can count on some of Boston’s finest to soundtrack your next Chicken & Rice Guys meal. Here’s a taste of some of the local bands featured, head to the Medford location to hear even more:

  • Ripe
  • Oh Malô
  • Radclyffe Hall
  • Wolfside
  • These Wild Plains
  • The Interlopers
  • Atlas Lab
  • Bearstronaut
  • Vundabar
  • The Ballroom Thieves
  • Bron Don
  • Viva La Hop
  • Kyle Thornton and the Company
  • Gretchen and the Pickpockets
  • The New Review
  • The American Symphony of Soul
  • Amy and the Engine
  • Otter
  • …and more!

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