This Friday, locals Peridot will join The Wild Feathers at Brighton Music Hall, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away! Once known as Hillary Reynolds Band, the rebranding to Peridot marks a new sound for the group.

What is that sound? The trio cites influences like Simon & Garfunkel, The Civil Wars, The Beach Boys, and Nickel Creek, among others, but perhaps a clearer description is the one they gave us: “Our music is the perfect pairing for a glass of wine and a roaring fire.”

Indeed their latest single, Lonely Work, is a warm, melancholy folk song. Says Hillary, vocalist of the trio: “Where HRB was about being as stylistically diverse as possible, Peridot is about embracing and resonating with our artistic strengths through owning our own life experiences & channeling them into songs. One thing that remains unchanged, is our unshakable love for cheese & wine.”

Reynolds went on to describe how she worked past personal struggles, and how the songwriting process became more collaborative and balanced: “From Colorado to California, from Wisconsin to my kitchen floor in Boston, we’ve been able to reflect and write, connecting to raw, vulnerable fragments of self. From doubt, strength, self-worth, and sadness, to depression and suffering, we’ve owned every bit of it.  These life changes have changed our music.”

Peridot’s debut EP comes out May 2016, but you can enter for a chance to hear them play live below:

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