Emma Hern’s new music video for her song “Paralyzed” is a bittersweet ode to Boston. With images of the green line, South Station, and the Boston skyline, it’s sure to evoke nostalgia in those who have left the city. The camera moves seamlessly between local scenery and shots of the singer, whose face clearly shows the emotions described in her lyrics.

This video comes at a timely point in Hern’s career. After graduating from Berklee School of Music this past spring, she has just left Boston to pursue music in Nashville. She’s officially been there for less than a month, but is already booking shows.

“I really found myself musically while at Berklee, mostly due to the fact that I was surrounded by so many talented friends/musicians that pushed me to be a better writer, singer and all around musician,” Hern says.

Now, however, it’s time to move on. Hern maintains that Nashville is the perfect place to be; there are plenty of opportunities to play and be inspired by great music. This doesn’t mean that it was easy to leave.

“It worked out perfectly that the song happened to mirror what was happening in my life just in time to make the video.”

“Paralyzed” was produced by fellow Berklee alumni Joe Barnard. Take a peek below.

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