Dear Readers,

This month marks our one-year anniversary here at Sound of Boston. Just twelve months ago, Jonah and I were munching on pizza at The Nines Festival, discussing the idea to start a site focusing on Boston’s local music scene. In just a few short months, we built up a team and the site has now grown to house over two dozen voices.

Today, you’ve named us the “Best Local Blog,” the winner of WGBH’s Boston A-List 2014 award. For that, we owe you a big thanks. We hope you’ll stick with us as we work to recognize Boston as a true music city — to join the ranks of Nashville, LA, and NYC — and, perhaps, one day we’ll no longer be considered a pit stop before the bustling Big Apple.

Apparently “the world is still waiting for a ‘Boston Sound’.” But Boston’s sound is already here — you just have to know where to look. After all, we’re a stubborn bunch.

It takes winding, one-way roads and rotaries to reach the real gems of this city; our talent lurks in the basements of Allston, bounces with the bumping bass of House of Blues, and buzzes under the watchful eye of the Elvis bust at Great Scott. It’s out serenading the bronze-masked statues of Davis Square and crooning to clammy crowds in the depths of Park Street station. It’s leaking lullabies from the house next door; it’s stamping and shouting on your neighbor’s front porch. So, what’s the world waiting for?

Together, we can uncover the sound of Boston, one artist at a time.

—Knar Bedian

Editor in Chief

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  1. Jim Ryder

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