As the year comes to a close we looked back at the standout tracks 2015 brought us; from Waldo’s explosive pop rock, to The Max Tribe’s bluesy groove, to Michael Christmas’s regular-guy rap, Boston’s local acts released some stellar songs that debuted careers and drew national attention. Here are our top ten songs of the year:

1. “Protector” by Waldo

2. “The House” by Air Traffic Controller

3. “Wild Woman” by the Ballroom Thieves

4. “Are You Around” by Michael Christmas ft. Polyester The Saint

5. “Tape Machine” by The Max Tribe

6. “I’m in Love With The Summertime” by Dirty Bangs

7.  “Eliot St.” by Quilt

8. “30 Minutes” by Aziz The Shake ft. C Dot Castro

9. “Adolescent” by The Colonnade

10. “Happy Birthday” by Oh Malô

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