We have entered peak Olympic madness! Check out these top billboard tunes from Brazil to get further in the spirit – if that’s possible.

Tall Heights Brings on The New Tunes

Local Spotlight act Tall Heights are gearing up to release their next album Neptune on August 19. They put out a few tracks, a little taste of what’s bound to be a tightly-crafted collection.

Tall Heights builds an accessible dreamscape for the listener to wander through and explore the gradually developing world of each song. The tracks below showcase well-honed lyrics and instruments that follow the music’s flow, like in “River Wider.” The pace is steady and winding, pushing the listener downstream between banks of drums and string instruments.

“Infrared” leans toward the other worldly, the title itself recalling a different spectrum through which we look at our surroundings. At times the music is sparse, at others it’s full of lush, spacey tones.

August 19th is just around the corner, but until then, here’s “Infrared”

An Evening with Matthew Connor

The new video for “Night After Night,” from the self-titled EP by Matthew Connor, is magnetic and alluring. The maintained synth and the snaps over close up visuals of a mouth immediately draw you in. The video borders on the surreal, making each scene captivating. What’s next, you might ask?

Glitter. Glitter everywhere, a mysterious hairbrush, and a main subject who’s easy on the eyes. There are close-ups galore, jarring neon, and soft, airbrushed lighting. “Night After Night” is a must-watch and a perfect visual companion to the song. Experience the cinematic confusion and routine with the man in the video, as day after day goes by, each more puzzling than the one before.


The Rare Occasions Futureproof  Release Show 

Futureproof by The Rare Occasions starts off with with a bouncy pop tune that belies its depth. The upbeat tones of the first track carry throughout the initial three songs, as The Rare Occasions prove a knack for placing breakdowns just when they’re needed. In “Futureproof,” digital sounds (like dial-up tones), remind listeners of the not-so-distant past.

Catch the band alongside local favorites Amy and the Engine, local psych-pop act All Eyes On Me, and Le Roxy Pro this Saturday at the Futureproof release show and listen below to hear for yourself:

Vote for Your Favorite Emerging New England Artist 

The Deli, a fellow local music website that focuses on emerging acts, is running a poll for emerging artists for Artist of The Month. This month features Aüva, Body English, Mammal Dap, The Rare Occasions, and ZILLA. Cast your vote before polls close August 15th! For the current leader board, click here.

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