Punxsutawney Phil is my number one enemy right now, because it’s not fair that a few days ago I was driving with my windows down, but today I’m bundled up in all the knitwear I didn’t put away yet. Petition to never be fooled by a weird rodent again.

“Dorm Sessions 11” Released

Berklee’s student-run Heavy Rotation Records (HRR) released a new collection featuring Honeysuckle, M+E, Noé, Symone, Wessanders, Glow Team, and the 24-member Trap Music Orchestra. We’ve covered Honeysuckle before, and the folksy Boston outfit has an accessible Americana sound and a singer with a bright, expressive voice. Noe’s “LADY” features a great thrumming beat, actually interesting lyrics, and a sultry singer. Wessanders’ whimsical electronic tracks are fun, complex pieces that stem from creative layering. Check them and others on the playlist below. One of these artists will get to play at SXSW, Lollapalooza, and Osheaga while representing HRR.

More Local Bands to Play Boston Calling, Third Stage Introduced

Boston Calling has a really exciting feature for May: a third stage that will be home to four local bands and comedians on the Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Lamont Price, a comedian from Boston, will host the line-up, but be sure not to miss Black Beach, Lady Pills, These Wild Plains and Nemes! Four piece Nemes is a tight production that isn’t ashamed of their goofy antics while rocking out. All-girl band Lady Pills evokes a Blondie-meets-Cat Power vibe, and it’s quite rad.

Check them all out and get excited for our awesome groups from Boston to play in May. 

Johnny D’s Last Hurrah

A few weeks ago we announced that Johnny D’s in Davis Square was sadly coming upon their final days. That fateful day came and went, and unfortunately, Johnny D’s doors are now closed. But, the venue’s last hurrah had a great turnout– check out the pictures here!

They had Memorabilia and Restaurant Ware Sale, so hopefully you were able to snag some stuff to remind you of Johnny D’s forever.

Fun Stuff: NPR’s All Songs Considered came back to their studio after a music-filled SXSW visit, and listed And The Kids as one of their favorite discoveries from the festival. Awesome job, guys! Keep making Massachusetts bands look good.


Premiere: Mixing My Medicine” by Grey Season

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