Welcome back to the column! We’ll be posting weekly with a consolidated report on the need-to-know music happenings around Boston, and we’ve wrapped up the week just in time for the unwrapping of delicious leftover Halloween candy.

Lake Street Dive Shares Songwriting Tips– The Boston natives were in town earlier this month and offered a free songwriting workshop at the New England Conservatory. They performed and discussed their current hit “You Go Down Smooth,” as well as “Look What a Mistake”—a tune yet to be released! Also, don’t miss Lake Street Dive’s Halloween video from last night. They’ve made covering four-member bands’ hits a Halloween tradition. Lake Street Dive as the B52’s? Don’t miss their wacky rendition of “Love Shack.”

Miss Geo Drops Electropop Album – Miss Geo’s new album is an amalgam of electronic beats and indiepop, with eerie synths that erupt in natural progression throughout each of the four tunes. It’s not the most original electronic music, but its catchiness is undeniable. The first track, “Waves,” was released last December, but the three that follow are fresh out of the studio and certainly deserve a spot or two on your next playlist.

Give “Live a Little” a listen:


RFQ Album Revolutionizes Gypsy Jazz – Last weekend, Rhythm Future Quartet brought modern Gypsy Jazz to Cambridge. The all-acoustic quartet are fast and tight. Without drums, they rely on impeccable timing (through locked eyes) and a jazz quartet setup to facilitate their fiery arrangements. Frontman Jason Anick (on violin) joins Olli Soikkeli and Vinny Raniolo on guitars, and Greg Loughman on bass. Check out their Summertime/Billie Jean mashup—it’s like Michael Jackson and a traveling troubadour had a prodigal child.

They’ll be back in Boston at the Arsenal Center for the Arts on Nov. 17, and Arts at the Armory in Somerville on Nov. 22.

Zoya to Return to Boston – After a recent premier of her official music video for “Lunar Eclipsed,” Zoya has launched her fall tour. The song features as the lead single on The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room. Zoya brings an indie folk flare to traditional North Indian music. See the video here.  She’ll be back in town on November 6 for a performance at ARCK Boston Gala.

JP Porchfest 2015 Launches Kickstarter –  Last year, 7,000 people huddled around 35 porches throughout Jamaica Plain for the first annual JP Porchfest. The team behind this year’s effort is trying to gather support to get the event on its feet. The festival will feature 111 musicians and bands, circus arts, dance, and spoken word performances. If you’re interested in donating, check out their Kickstarter campaign page.

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