Just when you were asking yourself, “Where did Waldo go?”, the Somerville-based indie rockers Waldo have returned with another single, in complement to their previous release, “Here Before.” “Protector” comes only as their second recorded release despite having played extensively throughout New England.

With a flourishing DIY scene growing like a weed in Boston, the city isn’t lacking in local talent. But in the wake of a wave of punk, alternative, and otherwise indie acts, Waldo bring a refreshing brand of explosive pop. Though it’s their second recorded release, the band shares future plans to release an EP: “We just signed a lease in the hopes that living together will make us so sick of each other that we’ll be forced to vent our emotions through music. But really our number one goal in the next year is to release an EP with some other visually stimulating content.”

Waldo’s “Protector” is psychedelic by nature and gritty and lo-fi in sound. With wavering guitar lines and a bouncy, resounding chorus, it’s a promising single from a fledgling band. Hopefully it’s a signal of more to come; a signal that we’ll be asking less of “where” and more of “when” from Waldo. As for “why”, the band explains how they came up with the name: “Several years ago, after a long and heated discussion about our favorite childhood puzzle books, we landed on Waldo. Just kidding. Waldo stuck out to us as a good name to make our own. We’re still searching for the meaning.”

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