2/5/15 – Paradise Rock Club

With a lush combination of musical flair and charming personality, Asaf Avidan enchanted a Boston crowd for the second time in under a year. Despite a late start to the show and some technical difficulties, Asaf and his band opened up with high energy that warmed the chilly crowd.

A different approach from his previous show in Boston last year, Asaf’s set list was versatile, well-constructed, and constantly kept the crowd on their toes. Performing the majority of his songs off of his newly released album Gold Shadow, the smooth performance had fan girls screaming, frat bros head-bobbing, and old couples dancing. Everyone was entranced.

“This isn’t politically correct of me to say, but not every show is a fun one…but this one’s starting to look like one,” he said to the audience, who immediately roared in response. Raising a glass to the crowd, he toasted them with a smile. “This is to your health, your love…this is for you guys. Cheers.”

The Paradise transformed and evolved with every song performed. With “Ode To My Thalamus,” it became a salsa club, complete with suave mic-dancing moves from the folk singer. With “A Part of This,” the deep kick, staccato bass pluck, and crisp tambourine on the snare turned the venue into a Gatsby-esque roaring twenties bar. “Over My Head” illuminated the dark club with the image of two cowboys riding off into the sunset; it was like a scene out of Django Unchained (minus the racism, gore, and deadly dentist).

Asaf also made sure to move hearts with his beautiful acoustic ballads, singing of love lost, love found, and the struggle to find that special someone.

“This is true love that will shake the very foundations of your core and erupt into a thousand volcanoes deep in your bone marrow…and that will eventually stab you in the back.” Sitting there on his stool with a guitar clasped in his hands, he did indeed look like a comedian grilling the audience and informing them of their inevitable romantic doom.

“I feel like I’m doing a comedy sketch,” he said with a laugh before pointing suddenly to a random audience member. “So where are you from?!”

When the laughs died down, Asaf was left bathed in a cool, vibrant blue light. Breathing out beautiful ballads like “Gold Shadow” and “The Labyrinth Song,” Asaf’s complete 180 in performance was a nice break from the upbeat, peppy songs that had dominated for most of the night. At one point, using a harmonica as an aid to perform “Maybe You Are,” the folk singer incorporated his two instruments by playing them simultaneously.

The night was a haven for those seeking to escape the icy grip of the frigid Boston air and enjoy a performance full of laughter and sing-a-longs.

“I knew a few things about Boston before I came, like the tea party thing, and the Celtics, and Larry Bird,” he said. “And now I’m going to spread the word that they’re great singers too.”

Back With a Bang: Asaf Avidan
  • Beautiful song variation
  • Fantastic crowd interaction
  • Intimate venue
  • Trouble with the sound at times
  • Weak encore
9Overall Score

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