Although Nemes (pronounced knee-miss) denies any affiliation with internet memes, the Boston based band has steadily gained popularity via internet starting circa 2010. And now Nemes is ready to take the next big step; their debut studio album, rocked by shredding violins, precise vocal harmonies, and driving guitars, is due out October 28th.

The album, entitled “I Carry Your Heart,” has been the band’s major project for nearly two years. It follows a self-produced album, “Don’t Flush Me,” and a live acoustic EP, “Five Minutes,” in which Nemes reveals acoustic tracks of their most recent work.

Band members Chris Anthony (percussion), Josh Knowles (violin and vocals), Alex Glover (bass) and Dave Anthony (guitar and vocals) are an embodiment of extremes; the quartet has a goofy angle, thanking fans who pledged to their Kickstarter by pseudo-rapping each one’s name, getting groovy to Beyoncé’s “Love on Top,” saying things like “antsy in our pantsies,” but is unflinchingly serious about their music, their life.

Seeming contradictions exist within “I Carry Your Heart” as well. Both its acoustic and heavy songs pulse with a vigor and a rawness, especially tracks like “Blues” and “Black Streak.” Despite this untamed sound, however, the album is neat and crisp; the band’s professionalism smooths transitions and blurs the lines between rock, pop, folk, and country. When asked how they would describe their own sound without labels, Nemes joked around: “it’s normal music,” they said. It’s like Foo Fighters meets Black Keys meets Fleet Foxes, they tried again.

Honestly, they may have had it right the third time: “I guess it’s best to just listen.”

Their music can be found on their webstore (here) and iTunes (here).

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