I got to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with my one true love: local music. I hope you were as lucky as I.

Berklee Releases Oh Malô Video

The opening of “As It Were,” a song that looks woefully on the past, transports you backwards with an ethereal opening created by some fancy pedal work with an electric guitar. The song is then grounded by the entrance of drums and an arpeggiated guitar lick. As fleeting black-and-white shots cut from angle to angle, the energy of the song builds while lyrics are repeated ritualistically. But then the energy breaks, and the band fades away in a final non-committal chord. Check out the song,recorded live at Berklee, below and check out the Berklee YouTube channel– the college releases a new video every Wednesday.

Oh Malô was nominated for “New Artist of the Year” at the 2015 Boston Music Awards, and will be performing at O’Brien’s in Allston this Friday night.

Black Market On Sunday

The Cambridge Community Center on Callender Street will be transformed into an arts bazaar this weekend, as local artists, vendors, and businesses will gather to sell their art, records, books, body care products, and more. The market, which is hosted this year by Boston Hassle and Ignore Rock and Roll Heroes, will run from 11 to 5 on Sunday. If you’re looking for something funky and artsy to do this weekend, the Black Market will be the place for you.

Luhx Releases New Single

Synth-pop group Luhx dropped the single “Poison” this week, and the poison has quickly spread to iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Synths, guitars, and keys back a lilting melody sung in unison by a male and female. While heavily produced, the song still maintains an organic quality.

Melancholy Releases Album

Hip-hop group Melancholy has released the album End of An Era on their bandcamp. The fourteen-track track list overlays old-timey samples from swing bands, lounge pianists, and early American movie stars and their vaguely British accents with percussion and raps provided by the Mattapoisett-based band. The sound is one of two eras spun together. 

Local Tiny Desk Submissions

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting local bands’ submissions to NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. Area acts have been jumping at the opportunity to play behind the heralded tiny desk, and you can check out entries from the likes of Grey SeasonOh Malô, Vic and the Crux, and others here!

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