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Dude’s Beard Just Fucks Everything Up in Oh, Malo’s Video for “Out On My Own”

Shredding with West coast breakouts From Indian Lakes over at Brighton Music Hall just wasn’t enough this week for Oh, Malo, seeing as the indie rock four-piece also managed to drop a brand spankin’ new music video for “Out On My Own” on Tuesday. Featured as the latter track of the two-song Red EP, “Out On My Own” toys with a grittier, more pissed-off sound than what you might find on the group’s other color-themed EP, Blue, while still hanging onto vocalist Brandon Hafetz’s mellow pipes.

Check out the video below if you’ve ever thought about what it’d be like to get egg in your beard (and then beard in your eggs).


Michael Christmas and 6ix Team up For “ADHD”

Thanks to his impressive 2014 debut Is This Art?, not to mention a recent tour with Maryland’s Logic, Michael Christmas is getting comfy at the top of Boston hip hop and Spotify playlists of stoned 20-somethings everywhere. His new song “ADHD” feels a hell of a lot more polished than previous efforts, but there’s something about producer 6ix’s smooth, R&B-laced beat that allows Christmas to retain some of that goofy charm.

Listen to “ADHD” below, and hope that Christmas will come a bit early this year.


SPNDA, O.T.O, and Hus Kingpin Spit Fire and Burn Stuff Down

Hometown rapper SPNDA, or, as he’s known around the office, Mr. A. Spendacash, gave the Internet a little treat on Wednesday when he released “Burn it Down,” a new track featuring O.T.O and Hus Kingpin. Jam-packed with some deadly flow (on O.T.O’s verse especially) and a haunting backdrop from producer Grubby Pawz, it’s easy to see why SPNDA keeps on repeating, “This is that fire.”


Zaid Tabani Drops a Protest Ballad

SoCal hip-hop artist turned Berklee student Zaid Tabani dropped a powerful ballad on the web this past Friday with “Charlie,” inspired by events surrounding Ferguson. Coming in for the hook is fellow classmate and up-and-comer Kyle Thornton of Kyle Thornton & The Company, while Prathit Kadam lays it down on the keys.


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