This week “The Walking Dead” is back on air and The Donald is still somehow a front-runner in the race to be president. Music, at least, is a nice constant, and will never frighten you like zombies on fire or the ramblings of mad men.

Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack put out a new music video for “Turning into a Rock”, and like their previous video, “Tiny Little Pieces,” you won’t be disappointed. It has it all: rubber gloves, mysterious shrouded figures, a dancing couple draped in sheets and caterpillars. You’re in for a real visual treat and a few chuckles, not to mention the groovy tune.

Ballroom Thieves

The Ballroom Thieves collaborated with the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra (MYRO), a group of twenty five teenage students, for an East Coast tour in the spring.

“Brother,” the first track released featuring the MYRO students, is a telling preview of what to expect in this collaboration. MYRO elevates “Brother” with luxurious strings, at once opulent and down-to-earth. The sound is rich, but not overbearing – check out the tour dates to see when they’re playing with MYRO.

Boston for Bernie

In support of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, many Boston musicians donated tracks to a digital album called “Boston for Bernie.” The collection of forty-one tracks is available here and proceeds from the digital album go directly to Senator Sanders’ campaign. Listen to songs by Horse Jumper of Love, Space Mountain, Eggy Benedict and more while supporting both the local music scene and national politics. It’s a win-win!

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