Just in case you were too distracted by deflated footballs and Tom Brady’s jawline to catch up on everything that happened around the Boston music scene this week, our Weekly Wrap-Up is here to fill you in.

St. Nothing Release New EP, Cherry Tree

Since their debut Begin EP, St. Nothing have been building up a good amount of steam in the Boston sphere. Now, the spacey electro-pop outfit is back with their sophomore effort, Cherry Tree. The four-track album cruises through a medley of synth and string-driven jams while vocalist/bearded bandmaster Marco Lawrence puts on his best pouty face and lays down the smoothest hooks since Boyz II Men.


We Sit Down with The Hip Hop Transformation

Straight outta Cambridge, The Hip Hop Transformation has been teaching kids the history of hip hop and giving them the chance to try their hand at everything from rapping to producing. We met up with Founder and Program Director Darrin Korte on Thursday to discuss THHT’s spot in the community and plans for the future.

Head over here to read the full story.

Tall Heights Premiere New Song at Sofar Seattle

Sofar Sounds has teamed up once again with local folkies (folkals???), Tall Heights, to showcase a new tune, entitled “Back to Autumn.” The duo does a wonderful job filling up the bare-walled, shag-rugged space with powerful harmonies and heart-wrenching cello riffage. If you want to catch them live, you can purchase tickets for their March run with Darlingside here.


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