Video Premiere: Ross Livermore Band’s “Valerie”

Pack up your gear, rent a Penske box truck, drive to a pickle factory in Buffalo to record an album. It’s not really a typical process for putting out music, but then again, The Ross Livermore Band‘s whimsical start says a lot about the nature of their sound. With performances filled with improvisation and a funky groove, putting out a collection of live recorded EP’s makes a lot of sense – they’ve been rolling out one free song video per month since the beginning of this year (here’s their January one). Why video? Regardless of whether or not the band is aiming to appeal to a younger crowd, YouTube is the place for teenagers to listen to their music; a presence on the popular video platform is essential.

Bandleaders and Ross Livermore and and Paul Dumas live a few dozen miles away in Beverly, MA at a bachelor pad with a fridge stocked with cases of beer, not far from their hometown. Joined by keyboardist Phil Selesnick and bassist Neil Taylor, the four put out a bouncy, rock-soul sound.

The group will be taking on some of their own material and four cover songs over the course of the year, so keep an eye out for their next video.

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