5/7/15 – The Foundation Room

On Thursday night, a mix of Berklee students and family members gathered in the Foundation Room to celebrate the soon-to-be graduates with a final concert presented by The Takeover, Berklee College of Music’s partnership with House of Blues. The performers were Emma Hern (Americana), The Colonnade (indie rock), Ripe (funk rock), and I/O (post rock), who was kicking off their international tour (Canada, but hey, still counts).

The music blared; students drank; parents let out sighs of relief.

Congradulations to all the graduates, and of course to the bands who performed. Here’s what you’re like in a sentence or two.

Emma Hern: Blues Americana. Throw an inner tube on the river, jump on top, and float, float, float.


The Colonnade: A hard-fought battle between the drummer’s glasses and gravity. Gravity wins.


Ripe: Wearing a checkered coat, lead singer Robbie Wulfsohn brings the mic stand to the ball and dances the night away.


I/O: An ascension to a higher level, ever-rising into a misty atmosphere.

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