9/23/14 – Paradise Rock Club

British beat maker Bonobo conquered Paradise Rock Club last Tuesday night for his North Borders tour, firmly stamping his name and sound onto the Boston music scene.

In a showcase of raw talent, Bonobo’s beautiful sounds resonated within the iconic venue, echoing in the ears and the hearts of the audience. Known for his complex basslines, heavy sampling, and emotional melodies, the British producer unleashed groove after groove, enveloping everyone in his musical arms. And boy did we enjoy that embrace.

Starting his set with the hit song “Kiara,” Bonobo instantly seized the room with the beautiful, pulsating vibrato of strings. It took us a far-off land: serene, soothing, and tranquil. Paradise. Bridging the physical with the metaphysical is a skill few musicians have, yet Bonobo has mastered it.

And then came the bassline.

The build up was perfect, the anticipation tense. Much how a wave is visible from a distance before it strikes shore, “Kiara’s” drop was inevitable; you knew it was coming, you could feel it. The crowd buzzed, eager for those killer bass notes, whooping and yelling in excitement. Their patience was rewarded. The subs hit, the snares and claps came in, and “Kiara” smashed through the speakers like a vicious wave crashing on shore.

Whatever movement the human body is anatomically capable of doing, it was likely happening in the crowd. Some heads bobbed, others thrashed. Limbs were a blur, and hips gracefully swayed to the beat. Everyone was expressing their joy and love for the music in their own distinct ways, courtesy of the crowd’s diversity.

Ranging from burly, lumberjack-looking hipsters to older folks in business attire seemingly straight from the office, the audience’s eclectic composition helped make the show so dynamic and enjoyable. Their backgrounds differed but they shared the same priority—Bonobo—and everyone relished his presence. He took us to a place you can’t find on a map, one inaccessible by air, land, or sea. This place, this paradise, exists within the soul, and the gate to its borders are the ears. Means of transportation? Bonobo.

Sound of the Sublime: Bonobo
  • Beautiful sound
  • Intimate performance
  • Somewhat repetitive
9Overall Score

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