6/25/15-House of Blues

Family of the Year is like a mojito: bubbly, fun and downright refreshing.

Hailing from sunny LA, the indie-pop crew brought their musical cocktail to the House of Blues to support AWOLNATION on their national tour. While some fans were there for the genre-breaking headliner, Family of the Year had a core fan base that shouted every word with glee. By the end of the show they had won the hearts of everyone at House of Blues.

As tropical and funky as a fresh lime, “St.Croix” was an irresistible opening song that had the room swaying like palm trees. “The Stairs” muddled the mood a bit with a cheerful-sounding melody and bittersweet lyrics (“They made the sunrise for people like us/ So we can have an excuse for why we’re still up/Just so we can feel a little bit better”). Sadly, while their lyrics said a lot, the same couldn’t be said for the band members, who barely interacted with the audience. Fortunately, they kept up enough musical energy to keep everyone engaged.


While most of the crowd seemed to enjoy the summer jams, some hardcore Awolnation fans seemed put off by the indie vibes, which stood in stark contrast to the darker electric-rock that would follow. Regardless of the sometimes lackluster crowd, Family of the Year played an upbeat show with plenty of variety. Swinging gracefully from minty-fresh folk melodies like Summer Girl to sparkling indie pop tracks like Make You Mine, Family of the Year showed the full breadth of their sound. If that weren’t enough, they previewed some songs off their upcoming album that showcased a more intense sound, to wild approval.

To cap off the night, they led an enthusiastic sing-along to their biggest hit, “Hero“, which was featured in the film Boyhood. Bursting with warmth, the final chords faded like a sunset off the Pacific, and Family of the Year sidled off, possibly to help themselves to some actual mojitos.

One Happy Family: Family of The Year
  • Variety of song style
  • Upbeat energy
  • Not much crowd interaction
  • Weird opener for Awolnation
7.6Refreshing and Sweet

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