Sound of Boston is proud to release our first free mixtape of Local Spotlight acts! From the soft, tender voice of Calvin Lamothe to the fast, infectious riffs of Revocation, or even the irresistible grooves of Evolfo Doofeht—this mixtape is quite an eclectic mix. As we investigate the music scene in Boston, we’ve come across assumptions that the scene is punk or songwriter heavy. We hope that this mixtape, as well as our featured Local Spotlight artists, have changed those opinions and revealed the diverse talent of our city.

We’ve found that Boston artists are often not afraid to break their current mold because they can always find a crowd here willing to support them. As we continue to comb through Boston’s music to find the city’s best talent, we will continue to compile mixtapes you can download and listen to anytime, so that you can discover the diverse, multifaceted sound of Boston!

Click here to download Volume 1.

If that link is slow or not working, try this one.

Cover art by Bernita Ling.


1. Trolius – Grey Season

2. Mechanicals – Evolfo Doofeht

3. 1000 Miles – Candy Robbers

4. Down – Kingsley Flood

5. Modest Mouse – Geometrist

6. Tether – Calvin Lamonthe

7. Money Goes – Matthew Connor

8. Natural Causes – Sunshine Riot

9. Sayonara – Chris Restaino

10. Waves – Miss Geo

11. Sail Into The Sun – Gentlemen Hall

12. The Waiting and the Worry – Sarah Borges

13. Invidious – Revocation


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