5/26/15 – House of Blues

There’s the luck of the Irish, and then there’s The Script.

With a combination of contagious lyrics, good looks, and a unity that contributes to their strong stage presence, this pop rock band’s success can be attributed to more than just their heritage. Selling out House of Blues is no easy feat. You know a band commands respect when people outside the venue madly scavenge for tickets like vultures in the Sahara.

Lead vocalist and heartthrob Danny O’Donoghue made everyone swoon, Mark Sheehan stroked his magnificent Game of Thrones beard, and Glen Power pounded away at the drums in a manner that did justice to his last name. The mixed crowd of young teenagers and elderly couples smiled and enjoyed the band’s ballistic energy. They simply would not slow down.

Many times during the show, O’Donoghue strayed to the edge of the stage; the giant pit of screaming fans sprang forward, moving in unison and looking like a glacier ready to devour the land in its path. Multiple hands reached out to snag his hand or brush his leg, and the screams were loud enough to overpower the venue’s massive sound system. You could see the security guards tensing up and touching their earpieces, anticipating having to fish O’Donoghue out of the sea of swooners.

At one point, O’Donoghue reached down into the crowd and picked up the phone of a girl who claimed to have just broken up with her boyfriend, Ray. After dialing his number, the Irish heartthrob nonchalantly said, “Hi Ray, this is Danny from The Script. I have some people here who want to say hello.” He thrust the white Samsung Galaxy high into the air and was greeted by a massive bellow from the crowd.

He and the band then proceeded to sing “Nothing,” one of the band’s most famous tracks about a tragic breakup. O’Donoghue waved the phone around to the audience to prove that Ray was still on the line, always making sure that the poor soul on the other end was well aware of his public humiliation. At the end of the song, O’Donoghue chuckled, claiming “He’s an asshole,” which was well received by the girls in the audience.

“Ray, are you still there?” he asked. Turning to the audience, he once again lifted the phone and told the crowd to say “Goodbye, asshole!” on three, which they eagerly did. Hopefully, wherever he is, Ray finds a way to cope with his PTSD.

O’Donoghue later inducted Boston into The Script family with a sweet performance of “Hall of Fame,” a poignant track that emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s self and persevering amidst tough times. Reinforcing the message, the lead singer donned a grey “Boston Strong” shirt that received thunderous applause and approval from the audience. Flexing his muscles and adopting a suave Zoolander face, the Irishman breathed life and courage into the city via the captured hearts of the people he was serenading.

It was a beautiful performance.

Beware, One Direction. You have some serious competition.

Live in the Moment: The Script
  • Fantastic crowd interaction and sing-a-longs
  • Lots of jokes and laughs
  • Incorporation of inspiring messages into the set
  • At times, too long of a pause between songs
8Swoon Worthy

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