Though the band wasn’t the one who coined the term, sunshine reggae is the perfect way to describe Iration’s music. A group of guys originally from Hawaii who met in California, Iration has been spreading good vibes since the mid-2000s.

Now on tour to promote their summer record, Hotting Up, Iration hits House of Blues in Boston this Friday. I caught up with Micah Pueschel (lead vocals/guitar) to talk about the record, their ideal show, and more.

Jon: You’ve described naming your latest record “Hotting Up” because it means to “liven up, get excited,” and because it’s a summer album. Under the same logic, what would you name albums for fall, winter, and spring?

Micah: Cooling Down, Chilling, and Blooming

Jon: The first single off Hotting Up, “Reelin’,” is about the relentlessness of the music business and pressure to keep churning out material. In it, you sing, “I’m lost up in the light / Sleepless nights / Waiting for the day when I can catch that flight / Another way to say that I can’t waste another day of my life without hearing your name.” Where is that flight going? Whose name can you not wait another day to hear?

Micah: I think that’s up to the interpretation of the listener. I’d hate to say one thing and have it change the meaning of the song for somebody. It’s purposely vague to allow for interpretation.

Jon: How would you describe your music without using genre names?

Micah: Fun, catchy, bass-driven, island, grooves

Jon: What’s your favorite song to play as a group, and why?

Micah: Changes every night but right now probably ‘Midnight’ just because it’s a fun song with a good beat and we have fun with it live.

Jon: When you think of music in Boston, what do you think of?

Micah: Aerosmith and House of Pain. No, I think Boston has a great music scene and a lot of people that really enjoy our brand of music. We have always loved coming to Boston.

Jon: If you could create a venue to perform in, what would it be like? Where would it be? Who would be there?

Micah: Probably be about 1000 capacity, half indoor/outdoor in Hawaii and near the ocean. As long as they are having a good time they are welcome.

Jon: If you weren’t a professional musician, what would you be doing?

Micah: Hopefully on the PGA tour!

Catch Iration this Friday, Oct. 23 at House of Blues in Boston. Buy your tickets here.

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