For just fifteen short minutes, General Crush‘s new EP, Glistening, presents simple electronic beats intermingled with real instrumentals: It’s not quite electronic, not quite pop, but falls somewhere in between Matt and Kim and radio-acceptable lounge music. The four song EP balances sparse lyrics and repetitive beat patterns for a series of uncluttered tracks.

The pop of consistent cymbals lends a bright tone to the bass line of “With You,” which starts us off with catchy lyrics and bouncy instrumentals– pleasantly upbeat and uncomplicated. The introductory sample is peppered throughout the track, a manipulated sample that’s a flavorful accessory to an otherwise traditional rock-pop song. “With You” has a retro vibe – say, The Black Keys lite – with smooth guitar riffs and a strutting attitude.

“Glistening In The Sun” follows, and is decidedly loungey – you could find it at home on a “Summer in Ibiza” mix – with a blend of smooth percussion and “ah”-ing vocals.  While not the most arresting track on the EP, it incorporates breezy beats and short samples as effectively as the other three.

Shedding the daytime lightness of the other songs, “Picture You,” takes us from poolside to nighttime musings. The faint evening critter sounds accent the track alongside a gentle drum heartbeat. It’s an intimate piece: you can hear the twang of fingers moving on the guitar and the low hum of the strings.  

“Yeah They Talk” returns to the groovy beat sounds with a cheeky attitude, using outside ambiance to enhance the idea of the chatter of others by incorporating samples of crowd shouts and murmurs. We hear General Crush walking to his own beat, if I may, and even though he says “can they talk, all they do is talk,” it sounds like he doesn’t really care either way.

Glistening utilizes its short time frame efficiently, making it a cool EP – but not one that affects a cooler-than-you demeanor. It’s groovy without necessitating dancing, and casual without being boring. Check it out below:

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