3/22/14 – Paradise Rock Club

“I’m young Gerald. Some of you might know me better as G-Eazy,” announced Gerald Earl Gillum, known by most as G-Eazy, as he gave in to the crowd’s pleading screams and came on stage. A couple of promising rappers, including Tory Lanez and Rockie Fresh, started off the night, and from then on, the walls of the Paradise Rock Club never stopped shaking.

Throughout the night, the crowd became gradually more rowdy. With the most eager of fans arriving around 6 p.m., many waited close to three hours before finally getting the chance to see their beloved rapper. Near the edge of the stage, both girls and guys were packed tightly together like sardines, boasting big black X’s on the back of their hands. The stage crew began setting up around 9 p.m., showing off a bass drum with “G-Eazy” printed on it, and tension built with each passing minute as the crowd started to grow anxious over the California native’s much awaited entrance.

The lights dimmed. The pianist and drummer took their places on stage. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and began cheering, knowing that G-Eazy, with his devilishly handsome looks, would walk on the stage in just a few moments and finally start serenading them with his talented pipes. Suddenly out of the corner, a figure with a greaser haircut and leather jacket appeared, and the crowd stood still for a split second. G-Eazy casually walked out wearing a baseball jersey, black skinny jeans, and a sick pair of red and black Nike high-tops. The crowd erupted with shouts and applause. With a smile from ear to ear, the musician was happy and at ease as he stared out at the hundreds of eager faces looking up at him.

He was full of energy and very interactive on stage and the small venue made for an intimate and exuberant atmosphere. G-Eazy got the crowd moving and singing along to every song, and made them scream with delight whenever he got near. He impressed everyone while performing such hits as ‘Marilyn’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Lady Killers’, and ‘Make-Up Sex’ without any help from backing tracks. The rapper had provocative moments on stage too, like wearing a bra someone had flung on stage around his neck and signing a few girls’ racks as he sang.

The climax of the night occurred towards the end of the rapper’s set. G- Eazy was telling the crowd about how much he appreciated his Boston fans when, out of nowhere, confetti exploded over the crowd, smoke machines went off, the rapper’s ensemble started spraying everyone with water, and balloons were given out and bounced around over the audience. The fans went wild and the opening acts came out and started accompanying G-Eazy with his last numbers.

G-Eazy’s performance was a slam-dunk, with many spectators rushing to the merch stand as soon as the lights faded for a souvenir of the memorable night. Wet, tired, but overwhelmed with delight, the lucky fans that got to witness him shine on the Paradise stage got their money’s worth and more. As one line from G-Eazy’s song ‘Endless Summer’ states, “If you’ve been to a show you know that I can move a crowd.” Truer words have never been spoken.

For more information on G-Eazy and his These Things Happen Tour, visit www.g-eazy.com.

The Dapper Rapper: G-Eazy
  • G-Eazy gave it his all during the show, very energetic on stage
  • The confetti, smoke machines, and balloons really made the atmosphere
  • The small venue made the show better and more intimate
  • G-Eazy came out over an hour late
  • The opening acts were not entertaining
  • Long lines for the coat check/merchandise made it hard to leave the venue
8.1Overall Score

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