4/10/15 – The Middle East – Downstairs

Aputumpu, a Brooklyn-based blog that produces events, traveled to Boston to present a two-night music festival at The Middle East – Downstairs. On Friday night, fans indulged in funk, ska, Afropop, and even a little back-country rock ‘n’ roll, courtesy of Tigerman WOAH.

Here’s our take on each of the acts:

Mad Satta: Steely Dan-esque jazz chords invite foreign landscapes to materialize in your mind. Over lead singer Joanna Teters’ crackly, soulful voice, drift on your magic carpet into new worlds.

Osekre and The Lucky Bastards: With a Paul Simon Graceland groove plus perky horns, Osekre and The Lucky Bastards usher in a summer vibe. Feel the sand press against your toes, grab a cold island-style lager from the cooler, and turn Osekre up.

Evolfo: Power stance, power funk; throw ‘bows, do the shoulder shake. I feel good!

Tigerman WOAH: They look like a cross between summer Santa Clauses and a group of hillbillies nearing the end of their hike down the Appalachian Trail. Birds roost in their beards—we know this to be true. Is this the source of their sweet, sweet music?

Ripe: Attending a Ripe show feels like dropping a watermelon off the roof and seeing it gaining speed. The only difference is that when Ripe hits the stage, they’re more explosive.

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