Old Wild Eyes’ debut EP, Cold Campfires, begs to be put on during a warm evening potluck. Its folk-pop sound is buoyant and rhythmic—exactly what you’d want to hear in the background while you catch up with old friends and chat up new ones. Stop schmoozing when you get to “Even God Blinks,” though; this song is worth more than a cursory listen. With moody instrumentation and apocalyptic lyrics (“Destruction was heavy on her breath / Trembling fingers told the story”), it provides a thoughtful departure from the light mood of the rest of the album.

The percussion that Ryan Stack provides on Cold Campfires is gold, often lending color and spice to an otherwise prosaic song. Old Wild Eyes would do well to capitalize on his talents in future albums and performances. But this isn’t the only way in which the group has potential. Female vocalist Kelsie Hinds has an attractive voice with skillful vibrato (which would be even more powerful if sparingly used on long notes), and the harmonies are well placed and agreeable. This freshman EP showcases a budding talent—promising if Old Wild Eyes can cultivate it well.

Album Review: Old Wild Eyes – Cold Campfires EP
  • Atmospheric
  • Well-placed harmonies
  • Too much vibrato on vocals
  • Songs sound the same
6Casually pleasant

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