We all already know that Boston is known for its education. With over 100 universities, our great town is the knowledge capitol of the country. But your local education doesn’t have to stop when you graduate. Schools, community centers, and other organizations offer great music classes for all ages, ranging from Djembe Drumming to Blues Harmonica. Luckily, Coursehorse, a class-aggregator that is already successful in NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago, is about to launch in the Boston area. Through their site, you can find and sign up for classes in just about every subject you can think of, at schools and institutions all around the region. While some Boston classes aren’t accepting students quite yet, you can save them to your wish list and get notified when they become available.

Here are 5 music classes in Boston that caught our eye.

1. Arranging for the Songwriter

At Passim in Cambridge, you can learn something that most musicians never get a formal education in: arrangement. This class can help you use arrangement as a tool in your songwriting arsenal, employing techniques that can take your songs from good to great.

2. Guitar: After the Basics

Let’s say you already know how to play guitar; you learned the basics a while back, but you’re rusty, and want to get more fluent in the instrument. This class at Assabet After Dark is perfect for you. Tailored towards people with basic guitar knowledge, the class aims to teach more advanced chord structures and songs in untraditional styles.

3. Violin/Fiddle and Mandolin for Beginners

If you are interested in taking up one of these instruments but don’t want to shell out big bucks for private lessons, start out with this small group class to get the basics down. You will start with the basics and work your way up to learning a few songs, scales, and bowing/picking patterns.

4. The Business of Music

Are you more interested in the behind-the-scenes of music? Learn from the experts at Berklee School of Music and get prepared to take on a career in the music business. Or, if you are a musician, take these skills and use them to help you succeed in the complex modern music world.

5. Songwriting Workshop

Ever find yourself noodling around on your instrument, wishing you could put all of your ideas into a coherent song? If so, this is the class for you. This class at Indian Hill Music will teach you the fundamentals of songwriting and will be tailored towards the students’ specific needs. Can’t figure out how to write a bridge? Or having trouble with a chorus that isn’t quite catchy enough? Sign up now.

Check out these and countless more classes at Coursehorse.

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